Monte Carlo Command Line

The Monte Carlo Command Line (MCCL) application provides a command-line environment that gives users access to the full capabilities of the Monte Carlo software beyond those provided by the GUI. Unlike the GUI, users have access to a large variety of sources, tissues and detectors that they can specify within a input infile. The source specifications include point, surface or volume sources placed outside or within the tissue volume. The tissue itself can be homogeneous, multi-layered or have an objects in the shape of ellipsoids. Detectors available include surface reflectance/transmittance detectors, internal radiance or fluence detectors and can be defined in terms of cylindrical or Cartesian coordinate systems as a function of space, time, angle, spatial-frequency, temporal-frequency and their combinations. After running the Monte Carlo simulation, MATLAB scripts are available to visualize the results.

Plots generated using MCCL showing estimates of fluence using cylindrical coordinates for increasing number of photons, N.

In addition, post-processing capabilities are part of the MCCL download. The Monte Carlo Post-Processor (MCPP) allows a user to run a simulation and save pertinent information to database files. The post-processor can then be launched to read the database and generate detector results. This database file can be reread any number of times and will produce results much more quickly than running an independent MCCL simulation. Perturbation Monte Carlo (pMC) and differential Monte Carlo (dMC) can also be specified in the MCCL infile and will determine detector results for tissues with slightly different optical properties than those specified for the original database. This enables the user to run inverse solutions using pMC and dMC.

This is a beta release of our Monte Carlo command-line application which provides users additional Monte Carlo simulation capability over that presented in the Silverlight GUI application. Documentation and additional resources can all be accessed from the GitHub site.

Documentation for Monte Carlo Command Line (MCCL) Application

        Editing Monte Carlo Command Line infiles
        Running MCCL
        Capabilities and Implementation of Conventional Monte Carlo